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Brand Development

  • Message development and talking points

  • Visual brand identity design

  • Brand marketing strategies

  • Go-to-market strategies

Community Relations
  • Strategic partner selection 

  • Sponsorships and promotions

  • Public service and giving

  • Advisory and mentorships

  • Social marketing and giving


  • Planning, execution and on-site support

  • Grand openings and product launches

  • Press conferences and announcements

  • Publicity stunts and consumer splashes

  • Digital events

Media Relations
  • Story starters, packaged for media

  • Media pitching and placement

  • Copy and materials writing

  • New product launches

Media Training

  • What the media needs

  • How the media works

  • How to stay on message

  • How to control the interview

  • Mock interview preparation

Thought Leadership

  • Presentation and pitch development

  • Calls for speakers submissions

  • Bylined article and blog writing

  • Industry resource listings

  • Industry content sharing

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